Turning a crisis into an opportunity to expand the safety net for happiness

Chairman Chey Tae Won held a special online video gathering late April to share words of comfort to SK People confirmed to be infected with the virus and SHE organization leaders. The online gathering was held in an effort to build a new safety net that would keep society, customers, and SK people united, safe, and happy in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. In May, he also met with SK life science People working in foreign countries, other SK expats and their family members. Following is the summary of the video gathering held on May 12 and 20.


Chairman Chey meets the US sales/marketing team leaders of SK life science



‘XCOPRI®,’ an anti-epilepsy drug independently developed by SK, has been launched in the US market and made available by prescription from May 12. XCOPRI carries a unique significance as it is the first Korean drug for which a Korean company independently carried out the entire new drug launching cycle from new drug development and drug approval to sales network development in the U.S., the world’s biggest pharmaceutical market. Celebrating the official launch of XCOPRI in the US, Chairman Chey held a video gathering with the US marketing/sales team leaders where he expressed gratitude for their hard work to successfully launch the drug in the midst of the ongoing crisis and was updated on the current status of the commercialization.


#Highlights of the Online Gathering


SK People) We need a further discussion on how to improve and update our system to better respond to customers non face-to-face.
SK People) We are sharing ideas to boost up SK’s brand awareness in the U.S. in the long run.


Chairman Chey Tae Won) I would like to thank the People of SK life science for their hard work to successfully launch XCOPRI amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The launch of XCOPRI in the U.S. will mark a new page in SK’s global business history. I hope that today’s talk provides some insights into the ongoing crisis and helps us overcome it. I am sure all members have worked so hard to launch XCOPRI. I encourage you, leaders, to pay particular attention to them and build a strong foundation for SK life science to grow into a global pharmaceutical company. Thank you.

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Chairman Chey meets SK expats and their family members



On May 20, Chairman Chey talked online with SK expats and their spouse and children in the U.S., China, and Singapore. They talked with Chairman Chey about their difficulties of being isolated under a shelter-in-place order and had a time to revisit the meaning of family and happiness.



# Highlights of the Online Gathering


Chairman Chey Tae Won) It must be well over 11:00 PM in New York. Thank you for joining me in spite of the time difference. Good to see that your spouse and children are also joining. Good evening boys and girls, do you happen to know what your mom and dad are doing?


Children of Manager Cho Yoo Jin, SK trading international) They are telecommuting.


Chairman Chey) (Laughter) Is that so? They are working from home? Thanks to your mom and dad, SK is becoming a better company. What do you want to be when grown up?


Children of TL Kang Chun Ho, SK hynix) I want to be a team leader like my dad!



Chairman Chey) You sure will be a great person like your parents (laughter). How are you getting along these days?


PL Jeong Yook Shik, SK USA) I stay in New York and could not attend my daughter’s middle school graduation ceremony. My son who loves extracurricular activities also feels frustrated for not being able to go out for exercise. My wife is also busy feeding all of us. I feel sometimes threatened by Asian-haters and am especially worried about my family’s safety. I hope that everything goes back to normal as soon as possible. Since the US healthcare system is not as dependable as the one in Korea, I feel like I need to send my family back to Korea as soon as the school semester is over. I am also very much concerned where they should quarantine themselves in Korea then.

Children of PL Jeong Yook Shik, SK USA) I did not like going to school before, but now I am dying to go to school.


Children of PL Jeong Yook Shik, SK USA) I want to hang out with my friends in person not just online.


Children of PL Jeong Yook Shik, SK USA) I want to brush up on my English studies.


Manager Cho Yoo Jin, SK trading international) We can work on smart work platforms without much difficulty, but I am still concerned about our business performance. The rapid fluctuation of oil prices and declining demand for petroleum continue to weigh in on our performance, but we still live in the hope as the economy is showing signs of recovery, especially in domestic demand in Singapore.


Manager Cho’s Spouse) Living in Singapore, I used to watch the crowds passing by in a downtown café whenever I missed Korea, which is beyond my reach these days. I want to get my daily routines back.


TL Kang Chun Ho, SK hynix) We have returned more or less to our usual daily routines in Wuxi, China. The situation was really tense when the outbreak first started, but we were greatly relieved by the more than adequate support from the head office.


Chairman Chey) It is regretful that we can only have an online gathering. Yet, I feel relieved since all of you look good and healthy. I would like to give my words of appreciation to SK people working hard in foreign countries for SK and also to your family members who have moved abroad to followed your spouse and parents. We all are going through these grueling and tough times, but I believe that good times will come when we overcome what is ahead of us. SK regards not only SK employees but also each and every family member of theirs as SK People. Your happiness matters to us, and SK’s corporate mission lies in nurturing up such happiness. We will do our best to expand the scope of our safety net. Feel free to bring your needs to our attention. I wish success and happiness to all of you and your families. Thank you.