2020 Icheon Sub-forum 6 & 7 held

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Live Forum 1 on the innovation of the way of working and Live Forum 2 on SV Account – sub-forums of 2020 Icheon Forum fostering knowledge exchange to promote deep change in business sites – were held on June 24 and July 2 respectively. Live Forum 1 on the innovation of the way of working introduced SK hynix and SK innovation projects to innovate the way of working with a talk show where SK People’s relevant experience and grievances were shared as well as featuring a lecture on how the COVID-19 outbreak is changing the world and influencing innovative trends for our way of working. Then, Live Forum 2 on SV Account was held to allow SK affiliates to share their SV Account progress and discuss issues encountered in pilot SV Account projects and potential solutions. Major topics discussed in the sub-forums will be revisited in more detail in the upcoming Main Forum slated for August.




SK telecom won the ‘Commercial Small Cell Design and Technology (Network & Xhaul)’ category in the ‘Small Cell Awards 2020’ organized by the Small Cell Forum (SCF). The SCF’s membership list includes over 60 mobile carriers such as AT&T and Vodafone as well as more than 90 telecom equipment manufacturers including Samsung Electronics and Ericsson. SCF names winners of the innovative small cell technology and commercialization category each year. SK telecom’s ‘5G/4G dual mode RF repeater’ that won the ‘Commercial Small Cell Design and Technology’ category receives 5G/LTE signals from outdoor base stations and amplifies/propagates such signals to expand telecom coverage to out-of-line-of-sight indoor environment in buildings, tunnels, and basements. SCF touted SK telecom’s dual mode RF repeater as ‘boosting up the business feasibility of in-building networks and supporting excellent customer experience as demonstrated by its commercialization records.’ SK telecom commercialized the world’s first dual mode RF repeater simultaneously supporting both 5G and 4G communications in December 2019, and is working on a full-scale entry into overseas markets.




SK biopharm celebrated being listed on KOSPI Market Division in the Korea Exchange in Yeoeuido, Seoul on July 2. CEO Cho Jeong-woo said, “We will accelerate our drive to join the league of global full-package pharmaceutical companies on the momentum of KOSPI listing,” and added, “We will share our business model with other Korean and global pharmaceutical companies to foster Korea as a pharmaceutical/bio power house.” SK biopharm finalized its offer price at 49,000 won consistent with demand forecasts made by institutional investors from June 17 to 18. 1,076 Korean and foreign institutional investors vied for SK biopharm’s shares at a competition ratio of 835.66 to 1. The competition ratio for individual investors closed at 323.02 to 1. 323.02. SK biopharm produces Korea’s one and only FDA-approved cenobamate (brand name: XCOPRI®) and solriamfetol (brand name: Sunosi®), knocking at the doors to global markets.




SK hynix started a full scale mass-producing ‘HBM2E’ DRAM in just 10 months from the development of super fast DRAM last August. SK hynix’s HBM2E can process data at 3.6 gigabit per second, capable of processing 460 gigabit of data per second through its 1,024 I/Os. It is the fastest-ever DRAM solution currently available that can transmit 124 FHD-class movies (3.7GB) in just a second. Its capacity has also more than doubled from its previous generation to 16GB, with eight 16 gigabit DRAM chips vertically connected by TSV (Through-Silicon Via) technology. Featuring super fast speed, high capacity, and low power consumption, HBM2E is touted as a memory solution optimized for deep learning accelerators requiring top-notch computing power and next-generation AI systems employing high-performance computing architectures.