Covid-19 response case presentation at UN-hosted international conference


SK telecom presented a case study of addressing COVID-19 outbreak by leveraging Geovision, its proprietary big data platform, in the 6th International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics jointly organized by the Big Data UN Global Working Group and the National Statistical Office (NSO) of Korea from August 31 to September 2. In the conference held under the theme of How can Big Data help in COVID-19 response?, SK telecom presented a case study of leveraging mobile big data to analyze the ‘movement’ (defined as staying away from a city/town/district of residence for at least 30 minutes) and using the analytics outcomes for the government’s response to COVID-19 outbreaks. SK telecom also offered Geovision to several public authorities free of charge, drawing significant attention from the conference audience and winning their recognition of its big data utilization capabilities.




After winning the concession rights for an offshore oil block in Vietnam this July, SK innovation has started the technical survey of the oil block in full swing. Engaging Shearwater GeoServices which is a marine geophysical surveyor based in Norway, SK innovation will enter into an agreement to get new 3D seismic acquisition data of Oil Block 16-2 in Cuu Long Basin, Vietnam. The area to be surveyed covers 910km2 in total. The technical survey is expected to provide more precise inputs for the exploration drilling project slated for next year. Oil Block 16-2 is the first Vietnamese oil block where SK innovation holds a concession. SK innovation will re-process and analyze new 3D seismic survey data from the west of the oil block and existing data from the east to select the most promising spots. The contract signed with the Norwegian surveyor will enable SK innovation to identify promising oil-trapping structures in a rigorous field survey and stand a better chance of success in its exploration drilling attempts.