14th SKMS Revision

SK held an event celebrating the completion of the 14th SKMS revision at SK Seorin Building on February 18. With the attendance of over 40 SK affiliate CEOs, employees and executives including Chairman Chey Tae-won, Chief Vice Chairman Chey Jae-won, Vice Chairman Chey Chang-won, SUPEX Council Chairman Cho Dae-sik, and President Pyo Moon-soo of mySUNI, the highlights of the 14th SKMS revision were unveiled.


The event started with a video clip: scenes from the Happy Talk held last year, discussions over the SKMS revision, and SK People’s feedback collection process. The attendants reflected on the 14th SKMS revision journey brought to perfection thanks to the active participation of SK People. Then, Chairman Chey Tae-won went on the stage to present the SKMS revision highlights in a TED format.


Engraving SK People’s happiness in SKMS



Unlike previous revisions which had mainly based on executive discussions, the 14th SKMS revision involved all SK People. They actively shared their thoughts through various channels and SK updated the progress to them along the way. Chairman Chey thanked the CEOs, executives and SK People for taking time to participate in several rounds of the SKMS revision discussion. He then presented a newly updated SK management philosophy and the 14th SKMS revision highlights, using four keywords and requesting SK People to commit themselves to and act on the latest SKMS revision.







Making a commitment and pledging to put SKMS into action

Following Chairman Chey’s presentation on the objective and highlights of the SKMS revision, the attendants had a signing ceremony. By signing the document, which included SK affiliates’ articles of incorporation drafted based on SKMS, they affrimed the commitment to put the 14th SKMS revision into action. (Chairman Chey Tae-won, Chief Vice Chairman Chey Jae-won, Vice Chairman Chey Chang-won, SUPEX Council Chairman Cho Dae-sik, President Pyo Moon-soo of mySUNI and other affiliate CEOs signed the document on behalf of SK People.)



SK plans to include the 14th SKMS revision in the articles of incorporation of all SK affiliates in a bid to demonstrate our shared commitment to happiness management. In so doing, we will reaffirm our will and determination to our stakeholders and build trust and support. We look forward to your involvement and engagement in delivering SKMS, which will guide us to the world of happiness.