The 2nd SK Night Hosted in Washington, D.C., USA

Chairman Chey Tae-won stresses a more extensive partnership enabled by social values

SK Night was held in the SK Washington office in Washington, D.C., USA in the evening of September 19. The event, hosted not only to boost up SK’s business competitiveness but also promote the ‘Korea Sales’ pitch, was packed with more than 250 distinguished celebrities representing the political community, government sector, and business landscape of the United States, including U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Karen Kelley, Rep. Frank Lucas of Oklahoma State, and Harold Hamm, chairman of Continental Resource, to name a few.




Meaningful Time for Korea Sales

Chairman Chey was accompanied by SUPEX Council Chairman Cho Dae-sik, SK innovation president Kim Jun, SK telecom president Park Jung-ho, SK hynix president Lee Seok-hee, SK E&S president Yu Jeong-joon, and SK biopharmaceuticals president Cho Jeong-woo who did the SK sales pitch to US-side attendees on the occasion, presenting the business status and global competitiveness of SK and emphasizing its vision for continuous investment and business expansion.




Pursuing both Economic and Social Values in the USA 

Reminding the audience of a promise made in his welcoming address at the last year’s SK Night to boost happiness by pursing social and economic values simultaneously, Chairman Chey said, “SK is delivering on a half of its promise by investing 5 billion dollars in the USA in the last three years and vowing to invest an additional 10 billion dollars during the next three years.” Also adding that SK would actively pursue the other half of the promise for social values, he explained, “SK reportedly created social values worth 2.4 billion dollars in the USA in 2018 alone.”


Chairman Chey commented, “SK’s ‘Wings of Happiness’ symbolize our commitment to greater happiness for all,” and added, “While expanding its business presence in the USA, SK will bolster up its partnership with the US government and the business community to create more social values and deliver greater happiness.”



SK Senior Management Leadership Checks Global Business Status   

In addition to hosting the SK Night event, Chairman Chey held a separate meeting with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, John Hamre, CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) president & CEO, and Edwin Feulner, president of Heritage Foundation, to share extensive insights about global politics, economic trends, and so forth.


After wrapping up his itinerary in Washington, D.C., Chairman Chey attended the Global Citizen Awards ceremony and dinner hosted in New York from September 22 to 23 and discussed global economic cooperation strategies with the Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab, one of the Global Citizen Award laureates. The Global Citizen Awards, instituted in 2010 by the Atlantic Council which is a leading think-tank of international studies, are presented to individuals who have made cross-national achievements or contribution to democracy. Chairman Chey attended the ceremony and dinner as a corporate sponsor of the award program.


Meanwhile, SK senior management executives who accompanied Chairman Chey held a series of meetings with individuals representing the US business community during the visit to prospect for economic partnership opportunities and check the status of various business initiatives already underway in the USA. SK plans to reflect what they have learned from this visit in their management strategy to grow further as a leader in the competitive global market.