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SK and the Korean Committee for UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Fund) jointly hosted the 2022 Children-Friendly Business Forum’ under the theme of Children’s Rights and ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) at the Kensington Hotel, Yeouido, Seoul on November 7. This is the first children-friendly business forum ever organized by the UNICEF in Korea in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the CRBP (Children’s Rights and Business Principles) promulgated by the UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and Save the Children in 2012. The forum was conceived as the SK Group that has spearheaded ESG initiatives in Korea agreed with UNICEF that a culture of children-friendly business also needs to be fostered to support social and corporate sustainability.
SK Group has led the Happyalliance organized to support children placed in the blind spots of the social welfare system, donating happy lunch boxes to address the challenge of unbalanced nutrition faced by children, meeting their everyday needs, offering better residential conditions, and sponsoring their education and emotional cultivation programs. President of the SV Committee Lee Hyung-hee said in the welcoming address for the forum, “Children’s rights must be reflected and respected across the entire business value chain of corporations from production to marketing, distribution and consumption,” and added, “It is also essential for society at large to realize that business organizations need to help their employees raise their children properly in order to ensure their own sustainability and survival.” The forum was attended by a wide variety of stakeholders including entrepreneurs, investors, scholars, lawmakers, and government officials. Furthermore, business officials representing diverse industries joined the forum to present cases on children’s rights seen from ESG perspective, promotion of children’s data rights, education for the less privileged children, internalization of children’s rights in business practices, and to discuss practical strategies to promote children’s rights.





SK member companies have won innovation awards at CES 2023, the world’s biggest electronic appliance/IT trade show to be held in Las Vegas, USA early next January. A total of 10 SK Group products are honored with the innovation awards, which include 5 battery/cutting-edge material solutions, 2 AI services, 1 digitally empowered waste recycling solution and 2 digital healthcare devices.
In particular, SK on’s E556 SF Battery and SK ie technology’s Flexible Cover Window received the Best of Innovation Awards, first time ever in four years since SK Group’s debut in CES in 2019. Prior to the entries exhibition, the CTA (Consumer Technology Association) organizing the CES evaluates entries in advance to select the honorees of the innovation awards. In particular, the Best of Innovation Awards are given to a single product or service ranked the highest in respective application category in terms of technological excellence, design, innovative quality, etc.
In addition, SK biopharmaceuticals’ proprietary wearable devices, Zero GlassesTM and Zero WiredTM, were named for the innovation awards, which marks the first-ever honor achieved by a Korean pharmaceutical company in the digital healthcare category.
SK telecom won the innovation awards with an AI-empowered animal X-ray diagnosis assistive service, X Caliber, and an AI service for the visually handicapped, Sullivan A, in the digital health category and the software & mobile apps category respectively. SK ecoplant’s digitally empowered waste recycling solution WAYBLE also received the innovation award in the smart city category.