The World of Enigmatic Business Jargon

Have you ever thought about business jargon used at work in hectic times? You must have experienced a sense of being initially puzzled by but gettingaccustomed to them over time. Here is what SK People feel about business jargon that they learned from no one but got to understand it by reading between the lines.

The world of business jargon is a piece of cake if you are familiar with it but it can be quite challenging otherwise. I would like to name an iconic business term exclusive to SK Group that we take for granted. That is Guseongwon (SK People). It implies that we are all masters of corporate management who have chosen SK with a belief that we can be happier, if we are part of SK.

SK Inc. and SK hynix also have their own terms referring to employees. SK Inc. People are called Incers (SK Inc. + Explorer). Inkers are explorers blazing trails to find future growth enablers of SK Group. Hi-Gineer combining SK hynix and Engineer refers to SK hynix People featuring excellence in technological prowess and development capabilities.

Everyone will be inspired to use jargon as long as they can make us all comfortable. Rather than using shorthand excessively for the sake of efficiency or unnecessary foreign terms, we need to try to use appropriate business terms that are comprehensible to all.

What business jargon are you using today?