Instigator of change for a better future, WAVE

SK Group is working hard around the world to drum up support for World EXPO 2030 Busan. And are you aware that Busan EXPO has already started online? Here is WAVE, the online platform empowering us to address challenges facing mankind anytime, anywhere.

Busan EXPO has already begun on WAVE

Many heads were turned at the news of a global community showcased online on March 17 to promote Busan’s bid for World EXPO 2030. WAVE is an online platform that empowers people around the world to jointly explore solutions to global challenges facing humanity. It is a critical platform to turn World EXPO Busan into an open EXPO that is open 24X365 in the digital space, differentiated from previous expos bound to pre-specified schedules.

Allowing anyone to join freely from anywhere around the world, WAVE will bring together ideas into solutions specific to global challenges facing the human race and match governments, businesses, and NGOs to further expand those solutions. WAVE will remain in operation from now to 2030 when World EXPO Busan is to be held, and even going forward from then for future generations.

What makes WAVE necessary? 

WAVE means bringing together everybody’s ideas into a single giant wave to lead change. What sets Busan apart from previous expos is that WAVE will continue to be nurtured to contribute addressing collective challenges pressing on mankind and will be handed over to the next host country to ensure consistency in sustaining development.

In other words, WAVE is the Expo 3.0 model conceived to incarnate and materialize World EXPO 2030 Busan to be held under the theme of “Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future.”

Concept of WAVE unveiled in the WAVE Online Showcase

Why does WAVE talk about challenges facing Earth and humanity?

WAVE is a platform to discuss not cutting-edge technologies, but our love for humanity. Solutions to issues highlighted in WAVE are inspired by the love for humanity rather than cutting-edge technologies, which is also linked with the vision to be delivered by World EXPO Busan. We expect WAVE to make World EXPO Busan not a mere showcase of the world’s high-tech products but an international event where solutions are matched to global challenges, leaving no one left behind. As WAVE enables people to share their national and/or regional issues such as climate change and inequality; and experts around the world to suggest practical solutions in terms of applicable technology, policy, etc. World EXPO Busan will ultimately evolve into a forum where challenges facing Earth and humanity are addressed.

Click ‘About us’ to view the five topics discussed on WAVE such as ‘Responses to Climate Change,’ ‘Green Energy Transition,’ ‘Reducing Inequalities,’ ‘Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure,’ and ‘Economic Growth.’ These five topics have been derived from the 17 UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Why was WAVE designed as a voluntary solution platform drawing upon collective wisdom?  

Challenges of global proportion facing humanity cannot be solved singlehandedly by a certain country or business enterprise. In fact, governments and business communities have attempted to address such issues on their own. Having said that, WAVE is significant in that it is an open platform representing an innovative problem-solving approach. The more people put their heads together in exploring solutions, the better chance they stand to overcome even the greatest challenges in the world. If some challenges defy solutions and require more time, they will be handed over to the next host of the World EXPO. Such continuity in our discussion will ultimately pay off for everybody in the world.

Why should we actively join WAVE? (feat. what we must do)

SK Group is working on a variety of collaboration initiatives to plan projects and engage more people in WAVE. SK Group is also endeavoring to turn ideas contributed by citizens around the world into effective solutions enhanced by SK member companies’ capabilities. In addition to such efforts of SK Group, needs for more attention and participation on the part of SK people are greater than ever. Visit WAVE website ( now and join the open platform.

When a significant portion of the global population become aware, engage in and support solutions collectively, what challenges would remain impenetrable? We wish the meaningful actions discussed on WAVE will be materialized into tangible solutions in World EXPO 2030 Busan. Join WAVE hoping for Busan’s successful bid for World EXPO 2030! WAVE for a better future!  

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