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▷▷▷’toktok newsletter’ will be released on the 2nd and 4th week of the month. It will be sent to your email address.



▷▷▷’toktok newsletter’ will be distributed by email to every SK People around the world except those in Korea. SK People will learn various and accurate SK news.



▷▷▷’toktok newsletter’ will contain SK’s latest news, business performance of each subsidiary, various events showing SK’s corporate culture, and stories about SK People. If you have any news to share with overseas SK People through toktok newsletter, please feel free to email us at



▷▷▷The name of SK’s intranet is ‘toktok.’ ‘toktok newsletter’ gives you a glimpse into SK news without the need to access toktok.


toktok newsletter will deliver useful information and interesting news.
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